As an actor and artist, I strongly believe in the development of a sensitive human instrument. As a Christian, I know that the Creator sees us as His instruments and desires for all of us to function as we were originally designed.

The ability to feel, sense, think, and act according to who we really are is so important to our wellbeing.

After coming to Christ and going through an intensive 6-year process of healing from internalized shame, learning who I was and who I was not, I developed a passion to share what I’ve discovered. I understand the pain and frustration of having the sense that a part of you is missing. The pain of missed opportunities. The anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. I’m here to say that you CAN reclaim what was lost! I’m here to stand with you as you heal your soul, learn to draw on your innate gifts, and become the masterpiece you are! It is an honor to be a guide on your journey.

In Christ,