This past weekend I spent some long overdue quality time with God. Praying, resting, fasting, reading, writing, and listening. Here is something that occurred to me during my time with Him: If you’re connected to the Holy Spirit, there are times when we receive a nudge to do this or that. Perhaps we never set out to do it and yet feel compelled to move in that direction. It may appeal to our personal goals and it may not. If not, there can be a little hesitancy. Like the many pastors across America who have stories about how they worked in the corporate world, were in medical school, ran businesses and then one day God called them to ministry. Some resist for years until finally saying yes. I want to touch on this resistance for a minute. Reluctancy to saying yes to God creates missed opportunities to see and experience God’s good intentions and love for you. There is something waiting for you on the other side of your yes. Any hesitancy to heed God’s instruction reveals a lack of trust. It actually reveals a sense of entitlement, that we require some sort of proof that everything will work out rather than trusting His word and faithfulness.

If we miss opportunities to know experientially the love and goodness of God towards us, it can start to erode our faith. Faith is dynamic. It’s not just believing.

Faith is:








Our faith always gets affirmed but to what extent depends on the level of trust.

Growing in Trust:

  1. Know Your Story. Go back to the beginning and make note of every time God came through for you. When He surprised you. Moments you became aware of how much He loves you. Or when He turned a painful experience into something beautiful

  2. Read biblical stories of the spiritual giants. Read about the life of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David and of course Jesus. Jesus trusted the Father with his whole heart and is the best example of trust.

  3. Listen to the testimonies of others. How God did the impossible for them.

  4. Look for God’s fingerprint in creation, both its beauty and intricacies. Just letting it sink in that God did that can be reminder enough that God is good and can be trusted in where He’s taking us.

Tanya Muir