I KNOW "I AM" | A Poem



by Amy Thomas Davis

I hear the beckon 

from the Lover of my soul 

Teaching me the only Truth, for I’m ordained to know

But at first call, I had denied His breath

My ears refused to hear, 

Sounds came at me, words like death

Condemnation’s frozen fear 

This calling’s burden I had carried like a corpse, 

Striving seemed to be the way and so I set my course

A familiar clinch dipped in shame

That weighted game of guilt and blame

Intercession held me down 

Until I heard Resurrection’s sound

Forgiveness came like unpredictable wind

As fire and blood washed over me again

Demanding my eyes

To recognize

My knower came alive


Instead, I shed the dead

Thing and rose to dance 

No longer bound by time

I, an Eternal existence

I left fear in the scorching heat

in the wilderness I thought could not be beat

That was Until love came and change the game

I found I had courage greater than that desert’s pain

Mountains to ascend 

I found the One I Am

The same I Am I thought I’d been following all along

I hear His footsteps as He comes to steady my song

I have come to Know

I know

I am

Alive like Ezekiel breathing on the dead

Courage of Jael to bind the wicked head 

I am willing as Samuel

Confident as Daniel

Kindness of Boaz

Strength of Ruth

Persistent as Anna, warrior for Truth

Power of Elijah calling down the rain

Forgiveness of the servant girl, healing Naaman’s pain 

Bold as Hannah, pressing through the tears,

Bravery like Esther to go where others fear

A son like David after God’s own heart

With the knowing of the woman with the alabaster jar.

I have come to know

I know

I Am

Tanya Muir