Don't Take The Bribe

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So many of us are conditioned to think that ultimate success is reflected in our bank accounts. But what do we end up sacrificing on the alter of worldly ambition?  How many dreams have been betrayed for the promise of what western culture calls success?  How many people have conformed and compromised who they really are in exchange for the perception of “making it?” The irony is that the fruit of following a dream is often great wealth. It’s important that we uncondition our minds and learn to think from our hearts, from our guts because that’s what it takes to break from societal norms.  Instead of rocking the boat, maybe it’s time we step out altogether.  To follow the example of Jesus and give no consideration to the opinions of others and fulfill the reason you were put on this earth. To be unapologetically, authentically you, that is true success.

Tanya Muir