Removing Static

With so much noise to distract ourselves with, it’s difficult to actually tap into the sensory world and become aware of what’s going on below the surface of our lives. Between the news, Netflix, YouTube, tv, and the king of all distraction: social media, we hardly have the mental space to focus on the here and now. The truth is sometimes we don’t want to be present. Sometimes we’d rather be numbed out than to pay attention to what’s going on inside. But this kind of soul junk food is prohibitive to our growth and is toxic to our thought life. Here’s how to remove the static of distraction:

  1. Know when to rest. The stress of overwork leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating, over-tv, and under sleep. A toxic combo that will lead straight to burn-out. 

  2. Journal. Everyday. This is the most immediate and effective way to see the thoughts we might be trying to avoid. Who’s looking for distractions when creative inspiration starts flowing.

  3. Move. A stagnant mind is often an indication of a stagnant body. Where the body goes, the mind tends to follow. Just spend the day in bed and see how that effects your mood. Modern research shows that exercise not only boosts dopamine but also improves memory and mental clarity. 

Tanya Muir