Removing The Noise

With so much static keeping us preoccupied, tapping into the deeper parts of ourselves, below the surface of our conscious minds becomes challenging. Living in the modern world is like one huge distraction and it takes some intentionality to connect with the Holy Spirit on a regular basis. The truth is sometimes we choose to absorb ourselves in vices when we go through difficult seasons. Sometimes we’d rather be numbed out than to pay attention to what’s going on inside (or around us). But this kind of soul junk food is prohibitive to our growth (in Christ and personally) and is toxic to our thought life. Here’s some ideas on removing the static of distraction:

  1. Know when to rest. The stress of overwork leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating, over-tv, and under sleep. A toxic combo that will lead straight to burn-out. 

  2. Journal. Everyday. This is the most immediate and effective way to see the thoughts we might be trying to avoid. Who’s looking for distractions when creative inspiration starts flowing.

  3. Move. A stagnant mind is often an indication of a stagnant body. Where the body goes, the mind tends to follow. Let the sun get in your eyes and feel the grass (or sand) on your feet. Find a beautiful spot in nature and go for prayer walks. Or just dance to your favorite music!

Tanya Muir