Lessons From a Spirit-Led Artist | Lauryn Hill


Like most people, music has always been a major source of inspiration for me.  Recently I rediscovered my love for Lauryn Hill.  Catching lyrics that I missed years before when the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill first dropped, which earned the artist a spot in the Library of Congress, making the album a certified classic. Maybe I wasn’t mature enough or evolved enough to fully appreciate what she was saying back then but she was definitely ahead of her time. Now she strikes me as refreshingly wise with a depth of soul that is rare in pop culture.  I found myself listening to that infamous 2000 MTV interview that’s been floating around social media. Here are the themes that jumped out at me that I wanted to share with you:

“Light up the corner you live on.” -Lauryn Hill

  1. Dream Big

    The pursuit of beauty will always keep our dreams alive, no matter how discouraged we may feel in the moment. On a deeper level, the pursuit of God’s beauty will position us to dream with Him. A God-inspired dream is as big as He is, voided of personal ambition, and so big it requires a divine partnership. I get the impression that Lauryn Hill surrendered her ego in exchange for something higher—God’s will.

  2. Nurture Your Gifts

    Everyone is gifted in a sense. There is something about each one of us that is set apart, an expression of God that’s unique. I think one way of identifying and expressing your gift is to ask yourself the following a.) what do you naturally gravitate towards? b.) what makes you feel most alive? Whatever your answer is, just do it. Gifts are nurtured when they get used without the pressure of perfectionism. Your gift is like a seed, under the right circumstances they will bloom.

  3. Do the Inner Work

    Do the necessary work of becoming your best self. To me this about becoming who God created us to be because doing so is realizing our full potential. Who we were before the traumas we experienced drew us into hiding and self-rejection. Too afraid to take risks so we settle for “good enough.” No one was created for mediocrity. Our existence makes us pretty extraordinary. There’s so much untapped beauty in an unrealized life and we owe it to the God who gave us our gifts to use them. Not just so that we live fulfilled but also to be a blessing to the world around us. This is how God truly gets glorified.

Tanya Muir