what’s inside matters

Soul Care

Temple+Table is all about helping you achieve your highest potential by shining a light on Soul Matter. What’s “Soul Matter?” It’s the Mind, Will, and Emotions. It’s understanding how limiting beliefs like fear, self rejection, and comparison are operating in your life and how to overcome them. The greatest self care is soul care because everything done in life flows from that place. Yeah, it’s deep stuff but it needs to be if you’re going to be all you were meant for.

Body Care

The Mind and Body are integrated. More and more microbiome research confirms this. It’s all about promoting healthy habits, rather than diets. Focusing on body intelligence through movement and whole foods is a guaranteed way to create sustainable lifestyle changes that feel good. Your body supports you in your life pursuits, you should feel good in it.


The sweetness of life is found in Beauty. By taking time to honor and explore the things that inspire you, you honor the truest parts of yourself. Getting back to beauty, is getting back to true north and who you’ve always been. Beauty matters.