BE STILL | Finding Order in Caos

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Credit: @be_salt

Being busy can be a good thing as long as it's fruitful.  There are certainly seasons in life when more of your time and energy is demanded of you. These seasons are usually marked by the process of building or creating something new.  But staying busy just for the sake of it is counter-productive to a peaceful and purposeful life.  Filling your schedule to the max really doesn't serve anyone because at the end of the day you're so depleted, the people and projects in your life suffer by experiencing a more drained and (let's be honest) a more incoherent version of you.  Like the saying goes: how can you pour into someone else when your own cup is empty?

"Our minds were wired to operate from a place of life and positivity. A positive mind is a creative mind."

The remedy?  Be still.  Some of you might be saying "I can't be still, I have too much to do!"  I get it, really I do.  But consider the idea that by making time for stillness, you'll end up maximizing it.  Set time early in the day to focus on what's truly important like all that is good in your life and the fact that you're loved, known, supported by and have access to the Creator of All.  By starting your day like this, a shift happens in your subconscious mind where everything you do is flowing from a place of "everything's good and good things are likely to happen today."  Our minds were wired to operate from a place of life and positivity. A positive mind is a creative mind.  A mind focused on problems will always find more problems (and even subconsciously create them).  

Make it a Ritual

  • show up at a specific time every morning
  • do something habitual like journaling, walking or praying
  • designate a room or portion of a room for this time
  • commit to a timeframe that is easy and realistic for you 

These are just some ideas but the point is to integrate stillness as the most important part of the day (because it really is) rather than seeing it as an extra thing to do.  It's an opportunity for the soul to be restored and you'll show up for your day in a way that's more open, rested and confident.  

"Be still and know I am God"


Tanya Muir